Monday, 1 April 2013

Maina Kageni Admits to being Gay

What started out as a social media joke has now turned to a bad reality. Some closets are made of concrete, some are made of timber. This closet we are talking about, is made up of a special material, mud. The rainy season is here, water will be running down from place to place, and mud, lots of mud. It seems like Maina Kageni was too scared to continue living in his mud closet. He feared it would collapse, or a mudslide will happen. He has now emerged and confessed to be a gay man.

It all started a very long time ago, from writing tongue waggling comments on the pull-outs of newspapers that we all liked years ago, pulse magazine, and its likes. I particularly remember him saying that he no longer wears boxers, because he is more comfortable in his jeans without boxers. Wait, what kind of man does that? I mean, with all the roughness jeans has, I don't think I would have the comfort of  wearing that way, no no. Kwani alikua ameamua kuvalia thong? Anyway.
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Maina Kageni now admits to have loved men's behind from the very start. He just didn't know what to do. That is probably why I don't even know any drama he had with women. That may be the reason why he LOVES listening to women's problems on Classic 105!

We understand that his gayness made him to move to radio, where he wished to be meeting his man crush, Mwalimu Kingangi. After unsuccessfull attempts to woe Churchil, he resorted to move out from Kenya and go abroad, where he will be gladly accepted. This explains why he confessed this year, during his last moments in being a radio presenter. We wish him well :)

We now understand why Maina Kageni laughs so heartily ,loudly and lovingly at on Classic 105 radio. He loves Churchill and has a man-crush on him. He hates women, and LOVES to hear their troubles as he makes fun of them. Maybe that is why the messages were leaked that were meant to be private to the Classic 105 presenters, from Kenyan women, a.k.a desperate women.

Maina Kageni is a smart guy. He know that her won't be accepted in the Kenyan society, not at this time and age. Yes there are gay communities in Kenya but, I don't think he is ready to handle that storm that is coming  That is why he has gotten himself a VISA card. He is moving out. he is running away, going to another country, another continent, far away from the oncoming storm, just like Miguna Miguna. He won't be coming back home soon.

Farewell Mr I love men's behind, get yourself a partner. We don't really know what you will be doing, but find yourself a baby. Don't just end your dynasty, unless your really want it to. We just hope it ends, we don't think we will tolerate gay's in our society. Not any time soon.
I think have had enough of this guy. What do you think of this guy?