Saturday, 23 March 2013

Vera Sidika Exposes Her Booty to BBA Officials

People will do anything to succeed, but Vera Sidika will do everything. It has been confirmed that Vee baiby dropped her pants and cat walked in front of Big Brother Africa (BBA) recruiters, trying to earn herself a place in the BBA.
Who is vee baiby?

Vera Sidika Big brother africa naked
Vee baiby walked into the BBA offices and told the BBA officials that she has what it takes to be in the BBA. When told to prove it, just like in many other instances, she removed her clothes and stood there butt ass naked!

She then started walking in front of the BBA officials, making them scream with excitement. "AUUUUWI!" screamed one of the BBA officials as she walked. "Umenimalisa!" "Vera Sidika Tosha!" Vee then proceeded to put some Ugandan music where she went ahead and twerked for them.

Only the chosen ones get to have that rare opportunity that the BBA officials had. 

Would you like the BBA officials to release the videos of the experience they caught on film? One leaked photo is this one.